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Sonic countries by f-sonic
by f-sonic

I can see well where *f-sonic got their theories aswell as the ideas them selves. I agree that Silver the Hedgehog would be representin...

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I nudged my now bandaged wing and slowly stretched it as I stood up. Only yesterday had I arrived at this place--the White Rose Facility. With the help of the robotic girl--Mary, I think was her name--I was able to speak with Seth, the leader of the White Rose. He had allowed me to stay here for the night and today, I was going to show him if I was valuable enough to join the society. My wing had been healed up for the most part, it'll just leave a large scar. I unwrapped the bandages and tried flying to a low hover. Success.

I felt happy about still being able to fly, but I couldn't bring myself to smile. Or laugh. Or talk. I just felt...empty. I looked at the time and saw it was almost time for me to show my skills. I stood up and walked outside to see Seth and a girl who looked extremely similar to him. A sister, perhaps?

Seth cleared his throat and said, "Good morning. Today you will be tested in 3 things: Strength, Speed, and Intellect. First off, can you tell me your name?"

I opened my mouth before closing it once more. I couldn't speak. Seth seemed to notice before handing me a notepad and a pen. I nodded in thanks and wrote my name: "Mirum Garrari."

Seth looked at the notepad. "Okay, Mirum, I want you to fight Blake." He gestured to the girl next to him and she got into a fighting position. I swallowed nervously but didn't show the fear. I prepared myself to fight. Seth took a step back to give us room.


I immediately flew into the air and spun down at Blake. She quickly dodged and aimed a punch at my head, but missed due to my flying around. I retaliated and stayed about 9 feet away from her, waiting for her to attack. Blake sprinted toward me and I flew higher, out of her reach. I flew swiftly around her, creating a vortex to suck the oxygen away from Blake. I could sense her trying to land a hit, but I didn't notice her powerful kick aimed at my gut...

The kick quickly halted my flying and disoriented me, allowing Blake to grab my arms and twist them behind my back. I was almost able to break free, but she placed a foot on my wing, grounding me. I stopped struggling, realizing my defeat. Blake stepped off of me and offered me a hand up, which I took thankfully.

Seth looked thoughtful for a moment before saying, "You need to work on aim and predicting the next move. Other than that, you did well." He turned to look at Blake, questioning her thoughts. "I liked the vortex move, but the spinning move was a few inches off. But you can work on aim after the next test."

Seth nodded. "Then it's settled. You'll be staying here as an initiate. Since we don't have that many defenders, you'll be working as a defender for now. Are there anymore skills you have that would be valuable?"

I thought for a moment before writing: "I can snipe."

After reading, Seth seemed to have a considering look before nodding. "We can definitely use any firepower at this point. But before we get any further, how old are you?"


Seth nodded. "Got it. Well, it seems like you'll be with us, Mirum. Just without too many privileges. After awhile, we'll deside if you should gain in rank and responsibilities. That sound good with you, Blake?"

After she nodded, it was settled.

I'm in the White Rose Society.

Silent Reaper-Chapter 2

612 words

Assignment #2 for :icondarknessuprising:

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

"I don't want to talk about it, Mom!"

I slammed the door in her face, tears collecting at my eyes. I sat on my bed and angrily grabbed my knife, pulling up my sleeve. I placed the knife at my wrist and slowly pressed down, watching dark, red blood droplets slowly rise and roll down my wrist. I moved my knife to slightly to the left and repeated the motion, fascinated by the life in my slowly draining. Tears spilled down my face and a sob escaped. What am I doing with my life? I want to get better...but I don't want to try! I got ready to start the third-


Thunder echoed across the land outside my window. I dropped my knife and looked outside through the glass. The sky turned a deep shade of red as purple hurricanes touched down only a few miles from here. Boulders from mountains around us were lifted and thrown through the air and dust storms ravaged the ground. I felt instinct take over as a threw open my window and bolted out of my room and into the sky. From up here, I could see mobians on the ground panicking. A boulder suddenly flew past me and caught my wing.

I screamed in pain. The boulder dragged me down with it for half a second before I freed my wing, but the damage had been done. I could barely glide with the newfound injury! I let myself slowly descend onto the ground, landing rather crudely.

The dust bit at my ankles as I fought against the wind. I looked franticly around for a strong building that could be a shelter. Spotting a school, I started moving faster. A few minutes later, I was panting inside the walls of a middle school. I crawled to a corner where I wasn't visible and let my exhaustion take over me as I fell into sweet slumber.





A soft, almost angelic voice reached my ears. My eyes opened just a crack. Varnis' sweet I dead? No I can't be dead. I sat up slowly and looked into my little brother's scared and confused eyes. He gasped and hugged me tightly. I could feel him shaking and.....his chest in wet and sticky. I gently rubbed his back before pushing him away to look him over. Gashes......I looked back up at Varnis with questioning eyes. Only then did I notice the tears pouring down his cheeks silently.

"D-Dad.......Mom and Dad a-are....." He shuddered violently. I sucked in a shallow breath. Could they be....I felt my chest tighten as I pulled Varnis into a hug once more, feeling tears flow down my own face. They can't be dead. They can't be. Theycan'tbe. Theycan'tbeTheycan'tbeTheycan'tbeTheyCan'tBetHEYcaN'tbE


I quickly released my hold on Varnis. I felt my breath catch as he looked at me fearfully. I can't be angry. I have to be there for Varnis. He's seen things...

"I-I'm sorry Varnis...I was just...."

"It's okay." It was just barely a whisper, but I could hear the compassion and honesty in it. Why did he have to be so kind? I don't deserve him. I'm already surprised that he could've come here on his own, but to do so with knowledge of your parents' fate and comfort a sister that hasn't been there for you in months? I couldn't have done that. Varnis...Varnis is stronger than me in so many ways. He deserves a better life than this.


"Yes?" I responded, curious of what he wanted.

"Why did you run away?" I wasn't expecting that. What did he mean?

"I never ran away..."

"Yes you did. From your problems." My breath hitched once more. O-oh...

"I-I don't know...You wouldn't under-"

"Stop! Mirum, just tell me the truth! For months you've been locked away! Something is wrong and I want to help you with it!"

I stayed silent, stunned. He sighed.

"I just...I'm not sure who you are anymore. If you're Mirum, then be you. Well, the nice you at least. But can you...just not be sad? I mean, just try. If it won't kill you, it'll make you stronger, right?"

I stared at Varnis in shock. He's matured. This entire ordeal, it's changed him...Or has he always been this way? I wouldn't know. But what I do know is that he doesn't seem like me baby brother anymore. He's different...just like me. Varnis noticed my staring and turned away slightly, his knees to his chest.

I sucked in a deep breath as my stomach grumbled. Food. I looked up at Varnis and asked, "Are you hungry too?"

His small nod was enough. I stood up.

"If you need help, scream. There should be stored food in the cafeteria." I walked into said area and looked around the kitchen. There were boxes of frozen lunch food and fruit. A find! I was about to grab an apple for Varnis when I heard him scream. I jumped up and sprinted up the stairs to find him once more. I saw a blue cat running away from a.......


I ran to him and fell to my knees, trying to get some reaction from him. No, no, no, no this cannot be happening! His dull eyes just stared straight ahead. Whoever had just found him had...

Killed him.

A sob broke through my lungs as I felt my heart tighten and accelerate. He's gone. I'm alone. I screamed in anguish, not caring who heard me. Kill me already! Kill me already!

I slumped over his body one last time, untying his purple scarf that he wore almost everyday. It was stained with blood and grime, but it still smelled like him. I should let him have the scarf, but I couldn't bring myself to leave him without....something.

Someone was with us--me in this building, and I knew I had to leave. I stroked Varnis' cheek one last time, remembering all of our favorite memories and gave him final kiss on the forehead. I whistled his favorite song-- "Let her go"-- before standing up and slowly trudging away.

The next few hours were dull. I just simply walked, ignoring the pain in my stomach and only thought of my family. One brother. Jenus is the only one who might be alive. Him and Chimera, my once best friend.

I kept walking.

Until I found a ship. A dull, half broken alien ship with a crudely painted symbol on the entrance. A blue and white rose. I gently placed my hand on the outer wall of the ship, leaning against it. As I entered, I noticed several robots lining the wall. Amongst them was a pink haired, grey bat. She glanced at me with a smile that seemed fake.

"Hello there. My name is Mary, and welcome to White Rose."

Silent Reaper-Chapter 1

1156 words

For Assignment #1 of :icondarknessuprising:

SS#2 (Rec) by Qulli2
SS#2 (Rec)
I'm not sure which one to enter. Tell me what you think!
SS#2 (Shaded) by Qulli2
SS#2 (Shaded)
I'm not sure which pic I want to enter. Tell me what you think! ^^
Amy Rose as Moka by Qulli2
Amy Rose as Moka
Inner/Outer Moka is from Rosario + Vampire, a manga and anime! I noticed that some of the characters reminded me of sonic characters and.....BOOM!!! I'll be making more soon~!


Qulli2's Profile Picture
Kohaku "Amber" Stone
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a nice girl that respects my surperiors and my peirs. I try my best to create artwork that pleases others, but sometimes I have an epic failure. I'm half English, half Japanese. I'm a great singer and I play Trombone, so I guess I'm musically gifted. Though I'm such a goody goody, I still can kick some ass

My dA Kingdom


Warrior- :iconsonic-chic1:

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You are an amazing person, and I don't want you to ever feel less than awesome! You can block out ALL the haters! You can be the best! You are everything I wish I could be! You're kind to everyone, even strangers! It's impressive and amazinga! No matter what, I'll always be there for you, because you deserve it!


Just like Mike, I don't know you very well. I've only really heard of you through Kohaku (Qulli2), and I can tell by what I've heard, you're pretty damn cool! You've got the artistic skill, the improve, AND you're kind! Mike's a lucky guy to have such an awesome girl-friend!

    If you have a note, comment it! ^^

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"Welcoming Party" (sorry if i type more than one paragraph >.< for the beginning)

As the snow continues to fall outside the walls of the White Rose facility, Psidona cant help but wonder if she even belongs here. It has been 2 months since the event and have been very private about her thoughts. Still affected by the recent events, she feels a bit traumatized. As she gathers her food from the cafeteria line, she searches for a secluded spot to ponder.

"Two months and i still cant talk to anyone." Psidona pondered

"I never found it hard to talk to anyone before...i wish my parents were around to at least back me up on any advice (sigh)" expressed sadly as she walks to a vacant table in the corner of the cafeteria.

Psidona finally finds a vacant seat. As she is sitting down, she notices someone from her peripheral vision approaching.
Qulli2 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mirum walks past Psidona, only giving her a glance before taking her place at the cafeteria line. After exiting the line with food, Mirum noticed Psidona once more.

Who is she? She's the only other defender besides me so we're supposed to be "partners"......How am I supposed to communicate with her?

Mirum sighs in irritation, realizing that she would have to introduce herself without the help of others. She sits down across from Psidona but doesn't look at her directly in the eye.
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