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Sonic countries by f-sonic
by f-sonic

I can see well where *f-sonic got their theories aswell as the ideas them selves. I agree that Silver the Hedgehog would be representin...

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Failure by Qulli2
Meant to be seen as if through a window~! Lemme know if I succeeded at that!

For :icondarknessuprising:

Ok so this pic is supposed to represent Mirum's inner turmoil. It's kinda as if this is what's happening in her mind. In her head, unless she really proves herself, she's just a "weak link" and is only holding the team back. With her mission on holding ties with the Shadow Knights failing, she only begins to feel worse, that being represented with the "frost" on the window. Below's the short story! Word count: 543


The snow crunching under my feet was the only sound in the field as I trudged along the White Rose border. The crisp, cool air bit at my nose and ears, unwelcoming under the cloudy, grey sky. Everything seemed more bleak, more monotonous. It was strange. Winter had always seemed beautiful in the past, with all the contrasting colors of Evergreen against the blanket of white lace. So what was different?

I looked to the distant territory claimed by Toxic Shadows. Allies. Shouldn't I be rejoicing? We had restored ties with the Toxic Shadows, which meant more power, more safety. Safety. I chuckled bitterly. There was no such thing as safety any more.

Feeling warmth crawl across my skin, I looked up to the sky. Light pinks and gold danced across the clouds as the sun rose from the horizon, a thin line that was sure to grow. I sat down onto the snow covered ground, cold be damned, and watched the blank canvas of my world become painted with dazzling colors that I wish I could touch, if for just a second. The edges on the sun were a bright red, I noted. Red. As in the banner color of the Shadow Knights.

I gritted my teeth. Damn it! Why couldn't I just escape that subject for just moment? Why couldn't I just enjoy my world before it was inevitably swept away? Clenching the purple scarf that adorned my waist, I took a deep breath in a futile attempt at calming my rapidly increasing heartbeat. I had to just accept my failure and move on. Dwelling on the past is unhelpful and time wasting. Why couldn't I take my own advice?

Ever since I had returned from the failed mission to convince the Shadow Knights not to engage in battle with the Toxic Shadows, I had been in a constant state of regret and reflection. I knew that I had come across as too intimidating and that I hadn't shown my peaceful state as well as I should have. I knew that I had played a part in causing the Shadow Knights to sever ties with the White Roses. I knew that in simple words, I screwed up and ruined everything. I had detected hostility in the air yet I did nothing about it, and now I pay the price. Hopefully it won't cost me my sanity. Though if I keep up this self blaming pace, I will.

I swept my tongue across my teeth, contemplating what I had just thought. Would I really go that far deep? It was an automatic reaction to deny it, but if I'm being completely honest with myself...

I'll be my own destruction.

The truth reigns supreme, I had always told myself. And that truth just happens to be my down fall. Will I let that happen? Possibly.

A violent shiver racked my frame. I looked down at my lap, now covered in a thin layer of freshly fallen snow. I shakily stood up, patting myself free of the snow.

I won't let it happen. Not willingly. The day I let myself fail like that again is the day I leave the White Roses. I won't fail again. I'll only succeed.

Odds are that's a lie.

It'd always been a difficult issue with Mirum. She'd always had a hard time letting someone see her true emotions, and the few times she did had been disastrous. She had the scars to prove it. So what was different this time?

As she watched the snow drift down from inside the bunker she now called home, Mirum jotted down paragraph after paragraph in her over used booklet. It was here that she let her emotions rein free, the only outlet she could find other than... Mirum squeezed her eyes shut. No. She would not fall as low as to resort to such self destructive acts. The day Mirum committed to such a disgrace would be the day she left the White Roses. She had made a silent promise that she would not weigh down the faction with her presence if it became too much for her. They don't need a weak link. They don't need a broken member.

Viciously gritting her teeth, Mirum continued to scrawl out the words of her protagonist as he lead his people to glory. She wished she could do the same, but at the moment, the best thing Mirum could do was support her fellow Roses and be there for Psidona as her teammate. Psidona. It always came back to Psidona. But why, she always asked herself. Was it that Psidona was the model of who she wanted to be? Strong, heroic, confident...or maybe it was that she was the first person Mirum had put faith into after everything she knew...ended...

Then, as Mirum wrote the last word of her narrator's redemption, it hit her. Psidona was her first friend. In such a long, long time, Mirum had found someone worth the pain. All of those years ago, when she turned to alcohol and cigarettes as a path to friends, Mirum hadn't been able to find a real companion. Only alphas with a thirst for young blood. Only protection from what could've been a life of bullying. Now, Mirum realized that she was only picking one of two evils. Either way, she would have fallen, whether it be from becoming an outcast to becoming a puppet. She would have lost it all. And she did lose it all.

Mirum didn't notice the tears until they blurred the note pad in front of her, hot and salty trails down her cheeks. She was disgusting, Mirum realized. She was a disgusting, worthless doll who's been used and beaten. She's taken so many words of evil, so many bruises, so many scars, and yet she still stood back up, still coming back only to be thrown once more. But why?

Why was she so easily manipulated? So easily turned and brainwashed and used?

Was she even worth the time and ability she sacrificed for the White Roses? Did she become the weak link she had loathed in the first place? Was she broken?

Mirum had put so much effort into creating a facade of confidence and strength; Who knew it would only take one person to blast it all away. Psidona.

Jumping to her feet, Mirum furiously wiped away the tears from her eyes, putting on the emotionless mask once more. No. She'd work extra hard. She'd work and work and work until she could prove that she was strong. Whether she was proving it to Psidona or herself, she didn't know. All Mirum knew was that she had a goal, a mindset.

And she would not fail.

Because failure meant banishment.

And banishment meant death.
Underneath the Mask
Boredom means music.
Music means inspiration.
Inspiration means ideas.
Ideas mean typing frenzy.
Typing frenzy means emotional rollarcoaster.
Emotional rollarcoaster means emotional management.
Emotional management means Mirum Garrari.

Dear Darkness, what have I done? XD

592 words 3187 characters

Psidona belongs to :iconjiggykazooie:

Mirum belongs to :iconqulli2:

Fandom :icondarknessuprising:


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Kohaku "Amber" Stone
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I'm a nice girl that respects my surperiors and my peirs. I try my best to create artwork that pleases others, but sometimes I have an epic failure. I'm half English, half Japanese. I'm a great singer and I play Trombone, so I guess I'm musically gifted. Though I'm such a goody goody, I still can kick some ass

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XvanniX had a hilarious idea! I created Twilight as a yandere without even realizing it and, ya know what? It fits perfectly with Yandere simulator!

Main Characters
Yandere-chan would be Twilight/Trinity

Senpai would be Mike

Info-chan would be Scourge

Rival-san would be Vanni

Extra Females
Yui Rio would be Purple

Yuna Hina would be Cristal

Koharu Hinata would be Thunder

Mei Mio would be [insertnamehere]

Saki Miyu would be [insertnamehere]

Pippi Osu (Comptuer Girl) would be [insertnamehere]

Midori Gurin (Rooftop Girl) would be [insertnamehere]

Extra Males

Haruto Yuto would be Ryan

Sota Yuki would be [insertnamehere]

Hayato Haruki would be [insertnamehere]

Ryusei Koki would be [insertnamehere]

Sora Susuke would be [insertnamehere]

Riku Soma would be [insertnamehere]

Are there any more characters? Lemme know!

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